What to do if a Tooth is Knocked Out

What to do if a Tooth is Knocked Out

It’s a rather unfortunate scenario and one you hope will never happen to you. Regardless if it’s happened or not, however, you should be prepared for when you or someone you know has had their tooth knocked out. Learning how to save a knocked-out tooth will help save smiles and prevent future costly dental adjustments from taking place. Continue reading to see what to do once a tooth has been knocked out from its socket.

When a Tooth is Knocked Out

If a child has had their tooth recently knocked out, make sure to see if the knocked-out tooth was a baby tooth. If a baby tooth, there’s no cause for alarm. If an adult tooth, however, be prepared to act quickly.

Locate The Tooth

The first thing you must do is locate the tooth. When a tooth is out of the mouth you want to make sure you keep your eyes peeled and keep movement to a minimal. If you move while you’re attempting to locate the tooth, you can potentially step on it and cause further harm to it, lessening your chances of reinsertion.

Pick up The Tooth Properly

After you’ve located the tooth, make sure to pick it up properly. Pick up the dislocated tooth from the crown side (chewing side). The root of the tooth contains important fibers that are necessary for proper healing and touching them can hinder the chances of reinsertion. Also, when you pick up the tooth, make sure to clean it. You may lick the tooth if you wish (although many patients rather wouldn’t do this) or you can briefly rinse it under some water.

Reinsert The Tooth

If possible, attempt to reinsert the tooth back into the socket. Look into a mirror, if one is nearby, and place the tooth back into your mouth, ensuring that it faces the right side. You will want to take a handkerchief or similar material and bite down on it to push the tooth back into place. This procedure won’t save your tooth but will increase the chance of successful reinsertion once you visit a dentist.

If the tooth cannot be reinserted, you may place the tooth in the side of your mouth. This will also help keep the tooth moist.

Store it in Milk

If self-reinsertion or placing it in your mouth isn’t an option, store the knocked-out tooth in a cup of milk if you have some nearby. Milk serves as another alternative to keep the root moist. Do NOT use water to keep the tooth moist.

Go to The Nearest Dentist

Once you’ve performed the necessary steps in preserving your tooth, head to the nearest dentist immediately. If you visit a dentist in less than an hour, you increase your chance of reinsertion. Your dentist will splint your tooth to align with your set of other teeth and recovery can take at least two weeks.

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