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Buccal Corridors – What Are They & What Role do They Play in Smile Esthetics?

There may be nothing wrong with your teeth. You’ve smiled many times before for friends, family, and even for pictures and you’ve never noticed any signs of crookedness or stains in your pearly whites. You take perfect care of them and they’ve never failed you. But it’s okay to still be dissatisfied with your smile, especially when the cause of your dissatisfaction is due to your buccal corridors. They seem minor, but believe us when we say that they play a pivotal role in your smile esthetics.

What Are Buccal Corridors?

The buccal corridor is commonly referred to by practitioners of cosmetic dentistry as negative space that is present between the lateral aspects of maxillary posterior teeth and the corner of the mouth when smiling. They appear as black or dark spaces.

You can easily identify if you have buccal corridors just by simply looking in the mirror and smiling. If you notice a lot of negative/dark space in your smile, then you have large buccal corridors.

How Important Are Buccal Corridors For Smile Esthetics?

Unbeknown to many who desire a better smile, they might find that just simply adjusting their buccal corridors is enough to give them the smile of their dreams.

The presence of buccal corridors creates the illusion of natural dentition, whereas its absence gives certain individuals an artificial appearance. This doesn’t necessarily mean that their absence or presence is better over the other. It only means that for some people, the inclusion or adjustment of buccal corridors can improve their smile for the better.

If you find yourself dissatisfied with the appearance of your smile even though your teeth are perfectly fine, your buccal corridors are probably the reason for your displeasure.

Can I Get My Buccal Corridors Adjusted?

Yes, it is possible to get your buccal corridors adjusted.

To achieve perfect smile esthetics with the adjustment of your buccal corridors, slow palatal expansion must be performed with a removable expander. The process of slow palatal expansion (SPE) involves pressure being placed against the roof of the mouth, not on the teeth. With SPE, the bone structure can change over time and the new bone will become solid along with the underlying hard tissues and set of maxillary teeth. As a result, you can shorten or have your buccal corridors removed, allowing you to fully enjoy the pleasures of smile attractiveness.

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