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Are you shopping around for the best cosmetic dentist or dental hygienist near West Palm Beach? You probably have a handful of questions regarding the menu of dental procedures that are offered by each dentist. Keep in mind, while gathering information about cosmetic dentistry procedures that can be beneficial to you, there’s nothing like actually consulting with a certified Doctor of Dental Surgery like Dr. Pohl. When coupling his techniques and expertise with the latest advances in cosmetic dental materials, he can create the smile of your dreams! It’s time you schedule your appointment with our cosmetic dentist near West Palm Beach today!

What Is The Price of Cosmetic Dentistry in West Palm Beach?

Cosmetic dentistry in West Palm Beach solely depends on the specific dental procedure you need to be completed. Different dental procedures that can be completed by our team of leading cosmetic dental hygienists include dental fillings, porcelain veneers, gum lifts, cosmetic denture replacement, and more. Once you consult with our cosmetic dentist in West Palm Beach, only then will you know which dental procedure will best suit your teeth and gums. Be sure to schedule your free dental consultation at our cosmetic dentist office near West Palm Beach to consult with a specialist on the correct procedure along with our pricing options that are right for you.

What Does Cosmetic Dentistry in West Palm Beach Include?

Cosmetic Dentistry is known as a wide range of dental procedures that assist with making teeth and gums appear better. Common types of cosmetic dentistry in West Palm Beach include teeth whitening, dental fillings, dental veneers, dental crowns, gum lifts, and Invisalign alignment. Every person’s needs are different and may require specific needs for their teeth and gums. This is why it is important to schedule an appointment with our cosmetic dentist in West Palm Beach who will thoroughly explain your options and the best course of action for you. Therefore, this ensures you get the specialized attention to detail you have been searching for!

What Does A Dental Hygienist In West Palm Beach Do?

Our dental hygienist in West Palm Beach first preforms a routine dental checkup. This is a routine examination of your teeth, gums, and general oral hygiene. Our dental hygienists will ask you a few questions regarding any health issues you may be experiencing and examine if they have affected your oral health. In addition, they will ask if you have had any previous dental procedures performed in the past, such as gum lifts or full dental implants to see if there are any adjustments needed. Not to mention, the other oral exams we preform include standard dental x-rays, dental impressions, and teeth cleanings that leave you with a great feeling smile.

Visual Exam

This is our examination of your face, neck, mouth, and jaw. When we utilize our intraoral camera, it helps us see the surface areas inside your mouth. There is a monitor in view where you can watch your exam in real-time with our video exam of each tooth.

Dental Diagnostics

Digital x-rays are performed of your mouth to spot any hidden or underlying dental issues that may have been overlooked during your initial oral exam. These are important to have completed since they help notice any issues that may be taking place in-between visits.

Gingival Pocket Exam

A gingival pocket exam is then performed to ensure there is no food debris or plaque building up between your teeth and gums.

Professional Cleaning

Specialty instruments are utilized during the cleaning of your teeth. These instruments are used in the plaque removing phase that helps remove plaque from the surface of your teeth and between the gumline. When each tooth has been cleaned, only then will we polish them. Our polishing procedure ensures each tooth feels smooth and looks great.


Dental Veneers in Coral Springs
Coral Springs Porcelain Veneers

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Is It Painful Getting Dental Implants in West Palm Beach?

Most people despise making trips to an implant dentist in West Palm Beach, let alone having any dental procedures performed. Most but not all dental procedures leave you with some sort of short term pain. For instance, dental implants are inserted to replace the likes of a missing tooth. However, others have mentioned that getting a tooth pulled out is slightly more painful than receiving implant dentist services in West Palm Beach. The process of dental implants is having little screw-like posts inserted surgically into parts of your jaw bone. These can double as an anchor for dentures if ever needed. After receiving dental implants in West Palm Beach, everyone who has been brave enough to sit through the procedure has been pleasantly surprised by the little pain that is associated afterward. During the procedure, the use of novocaine or other numbing agents helps with numbing any feeling of pressure or pain. And when the novocaine or numbing agent wears off, the area will only feel tender to the touch the following day. There may be some discomfort along with inflammation or swelling that could occur. But typically, after a dental implant procedure in West Plam Beach, the doctor will prescribe you some sort of pain medication to help with those symptoms. They may also suggest a diet of cold or warm soft foods during the recovery process. Our dental implants in West Palm Beach are the best long-term option for restoring your great-looking smile!

When you’re ready to get the best service from the most qualified West Palm Beach implant dentist, pick up the phone and call Dr. Pohl. Thanks to his plentiful experience and the assistance of his expert team, Dr. Pohl has successfully provided implant dentist services in West Palm Beach for many years. And their West Palm Beach implant dentist services don’t only just aim to improve your smile. They also work hard to ensure that your new dental implants improve your overall dental health. So don’t just choose any West Palm Beach implant dentist, choose Dr. Pohl.

When you come to visit the absolute greatest implant dentist in West Palm Beach, you can expect many benefits from receiving your dental implants. For one, they look completely natural, so no one will be able to tell that they were crafted by Dr. Pohl. But also, they will adjust with your games and further help to increase the strength of your teeth’s structure.

Porcelain Veneers in West Palm Beach

Porcelain veneers in West Palm Beach are a great way to restore your smile. When it comes to having a porcelain veneers procedure performed, Dr. Pohl is second to none. You will thank yourself once you come to consult with a specialist and decide that this is the best option to restore your smile. Examining your gums, teeth, and bone structure is the first step in this process. Next is taking impressions of your teeth. This is where we take a “wax-up” of your teeth and create a blueprint of your teeth to correspond with the placement of the veneers. Once the wax-up is completed, a tooth-colored porcelain veneer can be placed over your existing problematic tooth. This acts as a coverup to teeth chips, unwanted gaps between teeth, hide stains or discolored teeth, or help with teeth misalignment. Typically, most patients will require three visits that consist of different phases to complete the porcelain veneer process in West Palm Beach. Those include the planning aspect of the treatment, the preparation phase, and the bonding phase.

DaVinci Veneers – These are known as world-renowned porcelain veneers. Dr. Pohl ONLY utilizes DaVinci dental studios when it comes to creating beautiful cosmetic porcelain veneers and has done so for over 3 decades. The DaVinci dental laboratories were the pioneers in the industry to introduce porcelain veneers to the Hollywood scene. These porcelain veneers have been showcased on several television shows that include FOX’s “The Swan” and ABC’s “Extreme Makeover”.  Many of the best dental professionals consider these porcelain veneers as the best porcelain veneers in the world. Constructed from only the highest quality of materials and handcrafted by the best artisans in the industry, you can see and understand why they are so highly sought after. There’s no other porcelain veneer on the market that can match the superior quality and value than what DaVinci’s dental laboratory’s offer.

Practicing proper care and good oral hygiene can only ensure your porcelain veneers last for years to come. The smile you have dreamed of will become a reality with our porcelain veneers services performed by the illustrious Dr. Pohl. Schedule your appointment today with our cosmetic dentist in West Palm Beach.

West Palm Beach Dentures

When you’re in need of quality dentures in West Palm Beach, you’ll find that you can get the best ones from Dr. Pohl. The reason being that Dr. Pohl has an artisan touch when it comes to crafting any West Palm Beach dentures. And when you get yours from Dr. Pohl, nobody will ever be able to tell that they’re not real because they look so natural. More so, your new West Palm Beach dentures will look so real that you can expect to show off a beautiful smile every time you take a photo. No longer will you need to hide your teeth; when you come to our dental office, we can give you the absolute best dentures you need in West Palm Beach today!

Emergency Dentistry in West Palm Beach

Our cosmetic dental facility offers West Palm Beach citizens emergency dentistry services for whenever a dental emergency occurs. Our expert staff will do their absolute best to ensure your dental emergency is treated within 24 hours. We hope that you never have to deal with a dental emergency in West Palm Beach, but should one occur, call our office at 561-562-4085.

If it is during office hours, we will do our best to accommodate you. Unfortunately, dental emergencies sometimes occur after hours. If such an event arises, you will find Dr. Pohl very accessible and capable of handling most dental emergencies once we are open again.

What Dental Emergencies Do We Treat In West Palm Beach?

Many West Palm Beach citizens will require emergency dentistry services for a wide variety of reasons – one being that such emergencies can strike at any given moment. Oral pain is often debilitating and it can also prevent you from carrying on with your regular life. In many situations, the pain is so severe that it needs to be treated right away. In any case, Dr. Pohl is here for you regardless of your dental emergency, and when it happens, he’ll do his best to get you taken care of as soon as possible.

Some possible dental emergencies that you may have that we can help with include:

  • Tooth Ache or Pain
  • Emergency Root Canal Treatment
  • Broken Tooth Extractions
  • Swollen and Infected Gums
  • Tissue or Tooth Trauma
  • Broken Dentures
  • Fractured or Lost Veneers

Regardless if you’ve experienced a tooth injury caused by playing sports or your gums get swollen and you’re starting to feel pain, we can help. Dr. Pohl will make accommodations to get you in as fast as possible so that you’re treated with expert emergency dentistry services in West Palm Beach

Your Top Choice For General Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentist in West Palm Beach

Normally, most people have a few general dentistry questions. Consulting with an actual cosmetic dentist is your best course of action when it comes to finding out information on dental procedures in the West Palm Beach area. Dr. Pohl provides years of knowledge and experience to help ease your mind with any of the procedures performed. The attention to detail he exercises on a daily basis will ensure you leave with the best cosmetic dental experience. We treat each and every client like family and is the reason why we are your top choice for general dentistry and cosmetic dentist in West Palm Beach. Schedule your appointment today!


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