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Patients looking for a Pompano Beach cosmetic dentist come to us from all over South Florida because when they leave our office they are thrilled with their new smile! Dr. Pohl specializes in all types of cosmetic dentistry and can help you with any cosmetic dentistry needs that you may have. We also do general dentistry and dental hygiene in the Pompano area.

Patients come to us for a variety of reasons, and we have a variety of treatments to take care of a widespread amount of cosmetic dental issues.If you have a single broken tooth that needs to be repaired, the be sure to give us a call. We also do entire smile makeovers, leaving you with a beautiful white smile that you can be proud of. Dr. Pohl has been practicing cosmetic dentistry for years and his knowledge and skills traverse a wide variety of specialized dentistry fields. Whatever you need in terms of cosmetic dentistry in Pompano Beach, Dr. Pohl can take care of it for you quickly and effectively.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

In simple terms, cosmetic dentistry covers any treatment or procedure that enhances the cosmetics of your smile. This could be anything from a gum lift to teeth whitening, to porcelain veneers and Invisalign clear braces. Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way recently as new procedures and treatments are developed all the time that allow for quicker, more efficient, and more cost-effective treatments. At Dr. Pohl’s cosmetic dentist office near Pompano Beach, we are up to date on the latest procedures and we use the latest technology so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best treatment available!

Pompano Beach Cosmetic Dentistry Services That We Offer

Porcelain Veneers – This is our most popular form of cosmetic dentistry that we perform because with porcelain veneers, you have the ability to makeover a single tooth or an entire smile. Porcelain veneers are usually what celebrities receive when they get a smile makeover. No matter what the condition of your teeth, getting porcelain veneers in Pompano Beach can turn your smile into a big, bright, and beautiful smile of your dreams. Call Dr. Pohl today for a consultation!

Invisalign – Invisalign braces offer the same benefits of traditional metal braces but in a quicker time frame and without the unsightly appearance. Anybody that ahs had metal braces as a kid will know how annoying and painful metal braces can be. They also don’t look good. With Invisalign clear plastic braces, each brace is custom made from an impression of your teeth, and they are gradually swapped out as the teeth move into the desired positions. The best part about Invisalign braces is that you can remove them anytime and nobody can even tell when you’re wearing them!

Teeth Whitening – Your teeth can turn yellow and brown for a variety of reasons, including coffee stains, smoking, and the natural aging process. In the last few years, new teeth whitening technology has revolutionized the industry. We use the latest technology and procedures with our patients and the results are incredible! Even if you have sensitive teeth, you can come in for our teeth whitening treatments. It’s affordable too!

Dental Crowns – Our cosmetic dentist office near Pompano Beach does all kinds of damaged tooth repairs including dental crowns. When a tooth experiences damage that cannot be repaired by a regular filling. With our expert cosmetic dental experience and knowledge, we can shape and color the dental crown so it matches the rest of your smile and nobody even knows it is there.

Gum Lifts – Even if your teeth are white and straight, your smile still won’t look good if you have unhealthy gums. It is important that your gums are healthy, symmetrical, and properly-rounded on each of your teeth. We perform gum lifts and gum reshaping so you can get back the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Is Getting Dental Implants in Pompano Beach Painful?

Being afraid to get your Pompano Beach dental implants is a perfectly rational fear. However, it may surprise you to know that removing a single tooth is actually much more painful than receiving special treatment from a Pompano Beach implant dentist. And it may even surprise you more that receiving dental implants, in fact, is much less painful than what many anticipate. And a huge part of this is because implant dentists in Pompano Beach – like many other experts – will apply a numbing agent to their practice so that you won’t feel a single thing during the process. And the only pain you might even feel once the agent wears off is minor soreness in the mouth. Even when that’s too uncomfortable, your Pompano Beach implant dentist will prescribe you pain medication and will likely even recommend a certain diet for you.

When you want the best treatment from the most qualified implant dentist in Pompano Beach, call Dr. Pohl. With his experience and tremendous knowledge, you’ll be given the most high-quality implant dentist services in Pompano Beach.

Porcelain Veneers in Pompano Beach

If you’re self-conscious of how your teeth look then you could likely benefit from having our Pompano Beach porcelain veneers added to your teeth. With your new Pompano Beach porcelain veneers, you’ll gain many benefits with your newfound smile. For instance, because of their natural look that’s perfected by Dr. Pohl’s touch, not a single person will be able to tell that they’re veneers. They’re also stain-resistant so that you won’t need to fret yourself with excessive scrubbing when you’re brushing your teeth. And they will also be tolerated by your gums so that you won’t feel any irritation whatsoever. Finally, they’ll provide the strength you need to keep your teeth’s structure sound and intact.

Pompano Beach Dentures

When you’re in need of the most high-end dentures in Pompano Beach, you can get yours constructed by Dr. Pohl at his dental office.

For every single patient that has sought treatment from Dr. Pohl, their Pompano Beach dentures have been fastidiously crafted so that they can create lasting smiles. And when he’s crafting yours, you can expect your new Pompano Beach dentures to look so natural that no one will be able to tell that they’re not your real teeth. With that being said, your smile will look like a piece of art thanks to how aligned your dentures are with your teeth structure. You’ll never need to worry about hiding your smile after you visit our office because we can give you the dentures you need in Pompano Beach today!

Emergency Dentistry in Pompano Beach

Our cosmetic dental facility provides emergency dentistry to Pompano Beach citizens who have just been victimized by a dental emergency. When you come to our office, we do our absolute best to treat your dental emergency within 24 hours of its occurrence. We hope you’ll never have one, but should a dental emergency in Pompano Beach occur, call our office at 561-562-4085.

It is during our office hours, that we do our best to accommodate you. Unfortunately, dental emergencies sometimes occur after hours. If such an event arises, you will find Dr. Pohl very accessible and capable of handling most dental emergencies.

What Dental Emergencies Do We Treat In Pompano Beach?

Pompano Beach citizens will need emergency dentistry services for many reasons – one of which being that they can happen at any given moment. Oral pain can occur and it can prevent you from carrying on with your regular life. And a lot of times, it can get so bad that you need to have it treated right away. Dr. Pohl is here for you regardless of your Pompano Beach dental emergency, and when it happens, he’ll do his best to get you taken care of as quickly as possible.

Some possible dental emergencies that you may have that we can help with include:

  • Tooth Ache or Pain
  • Emergency Root Canal Treatment
  • Broken Tooth Extractions
  • Swollen and Infected Gums
  • Tissue or Tooth Trauma
  • Broken Dentures
  • Fractured or Lost Veneers

No matter if your gums are swelling up and are in pain, or if your dental emergency was caused by an injury in sports, our office can help you. Regardless of your tooth pain, you’ll find that our professional staff will accommodate to get you treated with high-grade emergency dentistry services in Pompano Beach.

Why Choose Us For All of Your Pompano Beach Cosmetic Dentistry

Patients from Pompano Beach and all over South Florida travel to our office for the excellent treatment they receive and the beautiful results they see with their smile. If you need Pompano Beach cosmetic dentistry come see us and our work will exceed your expectations. To set up an appointment or consultation give us a call today at (561)-999-0889.


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