PerioProtect® as an Alternative to Periodontal Surgery

Eighty five percent of the population has some form of periodontal disease which is the major cause of tooth loss. Periodontal disease can rob you of a healthy smile, by causing bleeding gums, persistent bad breath and loss of teeth.

One of the modalities for treating periodontal disease is gum surgery, which can be a painful and expensive procedure. As a result, many patients avoid treatment. Now dentists have another method for treating periodontal disease which has been clinically shown to be painless, easy and effective, PerioProtect™.

perioprotectPerioProtect works by getting antibacterial medications directly into the sulcus (under the gums) or periodontal pocket to kill the infection.  The big difference is that the PerioProtect trays sufficiently maintain the medications under the gum tissue in order to kill the infecting bacteria.

The PerioProtect trays deliver medications, chosen by doctor, directly to the source of periodontal infection. Dr. Pohl recommends that the devices are worn as an adjunct to scaling and root planning (commonly known as deep cleaning), brushing and flossing. Modifications to the treatment may occur depending upon healing and patient compliance. We have seen remarkable results for those patients who have diligently followed the program. When patients present for their routine hygiene maintenance, their gum tissue is pink with little to no bleeding.

Worn for minutes each day, trays are made in the laboratory to fit right over your teeth and allow an effective concentration of medicine to be delivered to the infection.

Within days, this method will help you control the infection and bleeding providing healthier gums and fresher breath. Take control or your oral health and be well on your way to a healthy smile.

beforeperioNote the bone regeneration after one year of treatment.

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