lost teeth due to trauma, implants

Are You Missing Teeth?

Whether you are missing a front tooth, a back tooth, or even multiple teeth from either trauma or dental neglect, the question always is, how can I replace it?

implant supported bridge

Dentition restored with implant supported bridge

There are several options that a patient can chose from to replace their missing teeth.

The preferred procedure would be a dental implant because they are the closest simulation to a natural tooth. The reason being, a titanium screw is drilled into the bone and is similar to a tooth’s root.

Generally there will be a 3 month waiting period before the implant will be restored to allow time for the bone to fuse with the implant. Although there is an immediate load option, which is up to the dentists discretion, which will allow for a temporary crown to be made and placed the same day. The best part of having implants is that they are non-removable and are the best way to replace a missing tooth or teeth.

loss of teeth from severe periodontal disease

severe periodontal disease

Another way to replace a missing tooth would be with a bridge. A bridge is also a non-removable tooth replacement option. A bridge uses the teeth on the opposing sides of the missing tooth as anchors to support the missing tooth. So, to make a bridge, you will have to prepare the two outside teeth for crowns. Many times, those teeth are completely healthy teeth and people do not want to crown perfectly healthy and unrestored teeth.

Partial dentures are a cost effective way to replace several missing teeth on a single arch at one time. However, partial dentures are removable so they can be taken in and out of the mouth and are not permanently placed in your mouth.

cosmetic Denture

Cosmetic Denture

Complete Dentures are made when someone is missing all of their teeth on a single arch. Dentures can be made as a permanent or removable replacement.  Permanent dentures are made and held in place with implants (implant retained dentures).

Removable dentures are the most cost effective way to replace a full arch of missing teeth.

Replacing teeth, no matter which option you choose, improves your self esteem and quality of life. Having all of your teeth makes smiling better and eating easier! Dr. Pohl is exceptional at what he does and will help you make the right choice to meet your individual needs. Call to schedule your consultation today! Our office number is 561-999-0889.

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