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Lighthouse Point Porcelain Veneers Repair – Chips, Replacement, Lifespan

Lighthouse Point Porcelain Veneers Repair

One of the greatest advancements in modern cosmetic dentistry, when porcelain veneers are done correctly, the result is a durable, stunning, and incredibly natural-looking smile.

But what about those times when mistakes or errors occur? Let’s examine the lifespan of a veneer, what causes them to fail, and what to do when you’re looking for Lighthouse Point porcelain veneers repair.

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Lifespan of Veneers

In general, porcelain veneers are low maintainence, requiring basic dental care — brushing, flossing, and routine checkups. With good habits, dental veneers can last up to 20 years (5 to 10 on average).

Well-placed porcelain veneers by an experienced cosmetic dentist, such as our dentists in Lighthouse Point, usually have a low likelihood of chipping. But things happen.

Unlike composite veneers, porcelain veneers that chip or break usually need to be replaced. That’s why it’s important to avoid bad habits that can damage your veneers, such as biting your fingernails, grinding or clenching your teeth, chewing ice, and opening containers with your teeth.

Defective or Damaged Veneers

Porcelain veneers are quite durable, and breaks, chips, and other defects tend to be rare. When problems arise, it is usually because the tooth was not properly prepared or the veneer was not thoroughly bonded.

Also, bite (occlusion) issues can cause the veneers to dislodge or chip.


Bite issues should be addressed by your cosmetic dentist before the placement of veneers.

If your veneer breaks, and there’s not missing porcelain, one option is to re-attach the veneer using a translucent bonding agent. This is a a cheaper solution, but keep in mind this treatment could result in staining along the fracture line, as well as weakness that could lead to another breakage.

Our recommendation is to replace the entire veneer.

Other Mistakes

Other mistakes in veneer placement include:

  • Tilted teeth
  • Poor bonding
  • Poorly positioned top and bottom teeth
  • Excessive bonding resin
  • Inappropriate length or size
  • Unmatched color

Choosing the Right Cosmetic Dentist

The bonding process is a highly technical procedure with permanent results, so it’s really important to find the right cosmetic dentist.

At Lighthouse Point Cosmetic Dentist, our care is driven by a 35-year tradition of excellence in cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Pohl has risen to the top of the field and can treat your general and cosmetic dental care needs, including defective or damaged porcelain veneers.


Excellent experience! Went to multiple cosmetic dentists before finding Dr. Pohl. He improved my smile with veneers and Invisalign and performed a gum lift. I can confidently say that choosing Dr. Pohl was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The process went very smooth and Dr. Pohl as well as his office staff were very helpful and always available for every question I had. Thank you so much Dr. Pohl.

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