Dermal Fillers And Botox® At Boca Raton Cosmetic Dentist

Dermal Fillers in Boca Raton - BeforeDermal Fillers in Boca Raton - BeforeDermal Fillers in Boca Raton - Before
Dermal Fillers In Boca Raton - AfterDermal Fillers In Boca Raton - AfterDermal Fillers In Boca Raton - After

The use of Juvederm® dermal fillers and Botox® in dentistry is becoming extremely popular. At Boca Raton Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Pohl specializes in using these injectable treatments in order to enhance cosmetic dentistry procedures. Dr. Pohl takes a comprehensive approach to cosmetic dentistry, integrating all elements including the teeth, gums and the peri-oral areas around the mouth in order to create a stunning smile.

What Is Juvederm®?

Juvederm® is a type of dermal filler that is injected into the areas around the nose and the mouth to smooth out wrinkles, lines, and folds in the skin. Juvederm® treatments are used to restore facial contours and reduce the signs of aging by volumizing creases and folds of the face that have lost fat and collagen. The procedure typically takes 15-60 minutes and requires zero recovery time.

Juvederm® Use In Cosmetic Dentistry

Juvederm® can enhance cosmetic dentistry procedures by creating a beautiful, young-looking frame around the teeth. Juvederm® treatments can also be used to help to fix high lip cases, create asymmetrical lips around the mouth and lip augmentation. Unlike receiving Juvederm® treatments from a cosmetic specialist, physician or nurse, dentists are able to administer anesthesia, providing a pain-free experience to patients.

Why Get Dental Botox & Dermal Fillers By A Cosmetic Dentist?

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, many patients are starting to understand that if cosmetic dentists create a stunning smile but ignore the rest of the face then results are truly being limited. That is why both Juvederm® and Botox® treatments are commonly used by cosmetic dentists to design the best possible smile. Since cosmetic dentists are experts when it comes to facial anatomy and inject anesthesia for a living, they are extremely proficient and know how to make these treatments comfortable, quick and relatively painless. These injectibles treatments do not require incisions, stitches, or surgery, resulting in zero recovery time.

Juvederm® Near Me

The team at Boca Raton Cosmetic Dentist is dedicated to providing a complete line of cosmetic dentistry services to their patients. Along with Juvederm® and Botox® treatments, Dr. Pohl offers an array of cosmetic dentistry services including:

Porcelain Veneers
Teeth Whitening
Gum Lifts
And much more.

Through our full range of services, Dr. Pohl is able to treat dental and facial esthetics, gummy smiles, TMJ, bruxism, as well as, provide lip enhancements and midface volumization to establish proper lip and smile lines. If you would like to learn how you can improve your smile while also achieving a more youthful glow, then schedule a free consultation with Dr. Pohl today by calling Boca Raton Cosmetic Dentist at 561-999-0889.

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