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Is Your New Dentist Lying About His or Her Work?

When researching the Internet for a dentist, patients often rely on Google reviews and before/after photos.  Patients frequently view these photos as part of their process in choosing a dentist.

If you’ve questioned their authenticity, here are a few insider tips to help you in that challenge.

Before and after dental photos

Many accomplished dentists, who take pride in their work, will also accumulate a photo library, which if its good, takes years of experience to compile.

All that glitters is NOT gold

Unfortunately, many dentists, because of inexperience or for other reasons, choose to take the easy route. With the click of a mouse, they’ll fraudulently misrepresent their skills by copying photographic work of other more skilled dentists.

It’s happened to me too many times to count

I myself have been the victim of numerous US and worldwide copyright violations. A Montreal dentist stole my entire photo gallery, all 106 photos, and claimed they’re his work. Over in London, a dentist copyrighted my photos as his own.

To make matters worse (for the inquiring new patients) many of these dentists instruct their staff to claim ownership of my work.

Dishonest to say the least!

How to protect yourself.

Here are a few Pohl Pro Tips to reduce your risk.

  • Does the dentist have numerous before and after photos?
  • Schedule a consultation. Question the dentist.
  • Ask the dentist if you might be able to call some of patients represented in his photos.

Let Google do the walking

An easy way to check the originality of the photos is do a Google image search.

Cut and paste several suspected photos into the Google image search. If more than one dentist shows up with those photos, you should question the authenticity.

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