How to Keep Crowns & Veneers Looking Their Best

How to Keep Crowns & Veneers Looking Their Best

Veneers and crowns are lifesavers when it comes to maintaining or even improving the beauty of a smile. But much like your actual teeth themselves, they require responsibility and care to ensure they’re able to maintain their appeal. When you get your veneers and/or crowns from Dr. Pohl in Boca Raton make sure that you care for your teeth by doing more than just brushing them. Generally, you want to follow the guideline below.

Ways to Properly Care For Your Crowns & Veneers

Watch What You Eat

Always avoid foods that can stain your teeth. This is easier said than done.

Almost every day, we unknowingly take in consumables that are able to easily stain your teeth. And even when we try to make an effort to not consume such items, it can be very easy to forget that the soda you’re drinking is yellowing your crowns, veneers, and your other pearly whites.

Some popular consumables that can easily stain your teeth include:

  • coffee
  • wine
  • tea
  • turmeric
  • curry

If you find that you can’t live without such consumables in your life, make sure you clean your teeth immediately after consuming to avoid permanent stains. If immediate brushing isn’t possible, carry mouthwash with you.

Gentle Touch

Crowns and veneers are breakable. When you brush them, use a gentle brush, make sure you don’t bite on hard surfaces, and don’t floss too hard as it can break or dislodge veneers.

If you brush too hard, it can lead to receding gums, which will cause veneers to fall off. Follow your dentist’s instructions on cleaning and care.

Quit Smoking & Excessive Drinking

Tabacco-based products are harmful to your health in many ways. They can even reduce the lifespan of your veneers by a significant amount. Nicotine found in cigarettes can turn your veneers yellow and brown. They can also cause gum disease, causing decay on the original teeth.

Another thing you should avoid is drinking too much alcohol. Excessive drink can corrode the teeth underneath, causing veneers and crowns to fall off.

Return to Your Cosmetic Dentist Regularly For Post-Installation Care

If needed, your dentist will provide you with dates for maintenance and checkup. You should make sure you go back to your dentist as directed to have the implants checked up and cleaned.


If you frequently engage in sports activities, a mouthguard will be needed in order to protect your crowns and veneers. Without a mouthguard, you run the risk of breaking the structure of your teeth underneath. Also, a mouthguard will also be needed if you grind your teeth as you sleep.

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