Soda Pop Damage

This male patient had rampant destruction of tooth structure and a history of excessive consumption of Mountain Dew. Both the upper and lower arch had evidence of considerable acid damage to tooth enamel and dentin.

He consumed one to two liters of Mountain Dew a day. In addition to doing the Dew, he smoked almost a pack of cigarettes a day.

The fact that he didn’t seek dental care for years to treat the situation and educate him regarding the ill effects of his habits, contributed to this extreme destruction.

The Impact of Soft Drinks on Dentition

Soda pop (liquid candy), i.e., Mountain Dew, has about 14 tbs. of sugar, an adult-sized dose of caffeine and acid.

Besides the obvious effects of caffeine, it also depletes the body of calcium because of its diuretic effect.

These left and right views provide the detail of damage.

The sugar contained within the soda provides empty calories (non nutritional), promotes bacterial growth, and is also converted to acid by the bacteria on the teeth.

Still Smoking?

Cigarette smoking limits salivary secretion. Saliva is important because of its detergent effect on the teeth as well as providing certain immunoglobulins that help reduce dental disease.

The Makeover Treatment Plan

This patient lost most of his posterior molars due to excessive decay. The first step in this full mouth reconstruction was the removal of the decay and placement of composite resin fillings.

Once the decay was controlled and his oral hygiene improved, we worked on smoking cessation.

Premium Porcelain Products

His teeth were finally restored using a combination of Empress porcelain jacket crowns, Empress porcelain veneers and onlays, and porcelain fused to gold crowns (PFM).

As can be seen in these final makeover photos, the degree of makeover is quite substantial.

Natural in Every Way

The use of quality reconstructive and restorative materials, combined with advanced dental procedures have created a smile and esthetic effect that feels natural and appears natural.

The positive effect that this had on the patient’s self esteem and confidence was enormous.

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