Four Things Your Dentist Didn’t Tell You About Your New Grill

So you just got a new grill with porcelain veneers!

After a week of walking around like a grinning fool, you are chewing on some limp noodle and Crack! You feel your teeth and realize one of those new veneers has just broke!

What happened?

1. Well it could have been a fluke accident.

The bonding of a veneer to a tooth is technique sensitive. A veneer can break or come off the tooth If the dentist does not strictly follow the bonding agent directions.

2. You have a bad bite.

A dentist should evaluate your bite to make sure you are a suitable candidate for veneers because placing undue forces on a veneer will cause it to break.

3. Your dentist didn’t balance your bite.

Unfortunately, this is a common problem. Once veneers are affixed to your teeth, your bite needs to be checked in all types of movements to make certain that there aren’t any unnatural forces being placed on the veneers which will cause breakage.

4. No prep veneers aren’t for you.

Not everyone is a candidate for a minimal preparation veneer. Certain criteria must be met if you want an esthetic result; otherwise, you will end up with Flat White Chunky Chiclets.

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