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What Your Dentist Doesn’t Tell You About Dental Insurance

In my 30 years of treating patients, here’s what I learned about many practices that accept dental insurance.

Use Inferior Materials

Lower reimbursements forces a dentist to use inferior materials (perhaps highly allergic nickel) and lower quality labs.

Pro Tip: Make sure your crown has a high-gold content.

Time is Money

With lower fees, a dentist might cut a few corners, skip a few steps, and won’t devote much attention to detail — perhaps resulting in poor fitting crowns, loose filings, or a raft of other problems.

Milking You or Your Insurance

Unfortunately, upsells are a common tactic — why yes, they’ll tell you, along with a routine cleaning, you’ll need root planning and scaling.

Double ouch.

What to do?

Here’s a couple of other pro-tips to help you sort this all out.

  1. While most dentists are conscientious service providers, generally speaking, dentists who do not accept assignment of insurance are of a higher caliber.
  2. Don’t let your insurance coverage (or lack thereof) dictate your oral health needs.
  3. Be upfront with your dentist about any concerns you might have.

In the end, it’s your health.

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