Cosmetic Dentures

Cosmetic Dentures Fact

Fact: 57% percent of Americans age 65 to 74 wear some form of denture. Some individuals, who demand more than the ordinary, look for a highly esthetic product (cosmetic dentures) that rivals the smiles created with porcelain veneers.

Types of Dentures

Immediate dentures: Used in situations when a patient has a denture prefabricated prior to the removal of teeth. Often, another denture is made 12 months later after the mouth has remodeled post extractions.

Partial Denture: Usually constructed of a metal framework, acrylic teeth, and denture base. A partial denture clips to natural teeth, crowns, or implants.

Cosmetic Denture: This denture is usually made as a replacement for an existing denture.

Implanted Supported Dentures: All types of dentures can be retained and supported by implants. We highly recommend this for comfort and confidence.

Process of Hand Crafted Cosmetic Dentures In Boca Raton

  1. It begins with a comprehensive x-ray exam. Your dentist will take into account your desire for appearance.
  2. A diagnostic record is established, which includes accurate impressions of the oral structures to ensure a correct bite plane.
  3. We like to have a good photo when teeth were present. This helps us recreate the patient’s youthful appearance.
  4. The most appealing and functional size, shape, and color teeth are selected.
  5. A wax try-in, with the selected teeth, will confirm bite and facial esthetics.
  6. Once the wax try-in is accepted, the set-up is returned to the lab for processing.
  7. Denture delivery, check for fit, comfort, and bite adjustments.
  8. Usually, there is a post-delivery appointment to ensure everything is comfortable and if needed, an adjustment.

Cosmetic Denture Materials

Today’s cosmetic denture materials are more highly esthetic than years ago. Where once porcelain teeth were used to mimic nature’s own, we now have highly attractive and durable denture teeth made of acrylics/plastic (i.e. Portrait IPN teeth).

Equally important is the quality of the cosmetic dentures base material that forms to the mouth and retains the teeth. The denture bases not only come in different shades and quality but can be sculpted to replicate natural gum tissue.

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