Common Questions About Teeth Bleaching

Common Questions About Teeth Bleaching

Have you ever thought about getting your teeth whitened? If you live in Boca Raton, then you have the opportunity of getting your teeth whitened by none other than Dr. Pohl. The various methods that are offered by Dr. Pohl yield fantastic results that have proven to improve the quality of many smiles. But if you feel uncertain about teeth whitening procedures and have any questions that need answered, then feel free to continue reading below. We’ve supplied answers to common questions regarding teeth whitening.

Is Teeth Bleaching Safe?

The short answer is yes. If the thought of getting your teeth bleached scares you, don’t be. Countless studies have been performed to conclude if teeth bleaching was safe or not. All have proven that the cosmetic dental method is safe to be performed. In fact, the American Dental Association has granted its seal of approval for many teeth bleaching products to be used at home.

The only side-effects that may occur from undergoing this practice is slight irritation in your gums and even tooth sensitivity. But these are usually resolved once the treatment ends.

What’s The Process?

We offer various methods at Boca Raton Cosmetic Dentist. The one we apply the most, however, as the at-home procedure. And it works like this:

Impressions are made of your teeth and custom trays are fabricated to closely adapt to your set. A bleaching gel is applied to the inside of these trays and they’re worn for 1-3 hours. The bleaching agent’s active ingredient is carbamide peroxide. This ingredient is dispensed in concentrations ranging from 10%-20%. There are also hydrogen peroxide-based at-home gels that are dispensed in a dual-barrel dispenser which mixes and activates the gel.

How Long Does The Teeth Bleaching Procedure Last?

For the at-home procedure, it can be extensive. For some, the at-home one can take about two weeks in order to fully bleach your teeth. Or it can take as little as three days.

Most patients opt to take the at-home procedure as they feel it’s much safer. Our office procedure, however, takes just a little over an hour to perform and you can get results instantaneously.

The method that you undergo all depends on your choice. And no matter which one you choose, the end result will be the same.

How Long Will My New Bleached Teeth Last?

Lightness in your teeth can last for 1-5 years. But it also depends on personal habits such as drinking too much coffee or tea, or regular smoking. Once you recognize lightness in your teeth is fading, you can choose to get a touch-up. The cost for a touch up may not be as costly since you could probably still use the same mouthguard. The retreatment time also is much shorter than the original treatment time.

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For the best results, there is no better cosmetic dentist in all of South Florida than Dr. Pohl. Dr. Pohl at Boca Raton Cosmetic Dentist has treated countless patients and has improved all their smiles. We’re more than confident that when you choose Dr. Pohl to bleach your teeth, you won’t be dissatisfied with the results. For any inquiries, you may call us at 561-999-0889 or visit our contact page.

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