Botox dental treatment

Botox as a Dental Treatment

It’s very common to associate the application of Botox to result in a youthful appearance. But what is not known to many is that Botox is also a treatment offered by cosmetic dentists and it’s not just used to make a smile more appealing. Botox is also a medical aid in treating symptoms for TMJ and bruxism.

Continue reading below to see how Botox can help alleviate symptoms of these conditions and other dental problems.

Botox For Dental Issues

Botox isn’t just used to reduce wrinkle appearance and fine lines, it’s also used medically to treat muscle conditions affecting your dental health. They are injected in certain facial muscles to prevent contractions of muscle cells, allowing them to become less stiff. The process is fairly quick and doesn’t require any recovery time. If you’re looking to receive such treatment, it’s recommended that you seek a skilled practicing cosmetic dentist.

Cosmetic dentists will know the proper dosage required for injected medications to successfully treat a patient due to their advanced experience. Too little of injection will show no effect while too much will paralyze the muscles and prohibit a patient from chewing and speaking properly.


Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome is a condition where jaw pain is caused by an array of medical problems. Problems in this joint can cause neck, head, facial, and ear pain and can also cause headaches. It can also cause problems in biting – jaw clicking or popping sounds when you bite – and can cause your jaw to be locked in a certain position. When treated with Botox, the effects of the treatment can last for up to three months, providing relief for patients suffering from this condition.

During treatment, Botox is injected into trigger points of the condition. The intensity of the muscle contraction is relieved and in some cases, the treatment can completely eliminate the contraction altogether.


Also simply known as tooth grinding, bruxism is when clenching or grinding teeth occur. Many people are unaware that they do this while they are awake or asleep. If not treated then damaged jaw joints, headaches, disrupted sleep, receding gums, and cracked teeth will occur. In more severe cases, where bruxism is chronic, fracturing, loosening, or loss of teeth will result. Many treatments can help, but Botox could be the easiest treatment to apply if you spot issues of bruxism early. Much similar to the treatment of TMJ, injecting BotoxⓇ will help reduce muscle contractions, preventing further tooth grinding to occur.

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