An ABC-TV Boca Raton Smile Makeover Success Story

Meet Belinda … a nurse from Alaska. As a nurse she was always self conscious of her teeth. A patient referred to her as EMO ugly (Extreme Makeover ugly) and ever since she has dreamed of having a Boca Raton smile makeover.

ABC-TV Program says no to the Smile Makeover

She was always self-conscious being introduced to people and had a very reserved smile. She and a friend had applied to ABC’s Extreme Makeover twice but were rejected. After doing extensive research on the web, Belinda decided she wanted us to give her the smile she dreamed of. The opportunity arose when she was transferred to Sebring in north Florida …about a four drive from our office.

The Boca Raton Smile Makeover Treatment Plan

Belinda-Davidson2After performing a comprehensive examination with x-rays and a diagnostic wax-up, we determined the treatment for Belinda would consist of multiple advanced procedures including anterior crown lengthening of her lateral incisors.

Premium Porcelain Products

Our patient wanted a “true” makeover experience, thereby deciding to use 14 custom DaVinci porcelain veneers (identical to those used on the ABC program), porcelain onlays, 4 Lava (3M) all ceramic crowns to correct spacing and rotation on her upper bicuspids and 2 porcelain fused to high noble metal crowns on her upper molars. As these adjacent after pictures amply show… the cosmetic and functional result was quite astounding.

The Smile Makeover Experience

Belinda-Davidson1It holds true in many cases that having a successful makeover experience in cosmetic full mouth dentistry leads to many unusual changes. Good changes… In this particular case our patient no longer felt “ugly”… Quite the contrary; the impact was so significant that it affected her overall perception of herself and especially her feelings of self worth and confidence… (important to us all). The transformation was an emotional moment. Now she wants to smile all the time.


Belinda-Davidson3After leaving our office for the last time (when all procedures were completed), our patient sent us an email as soon as she arrived home. Below is her email message in it’s entirety: Dr Pohl: Just a note to say I DID make it home safely… and you are right…. I couldn’t stop looking at my teeth !!!!! Even while I was driving. I still cannot believe those pictures… You know… Dr. Pohl, when extreme makeover decided not to take me as as candidate, I became soooo depressed, I just didn’t even want to look in the mirror anymore… I quit my nursing job after working 10 years to get my Masters!!! None of it mattered…because I could not stand myself!!! There were two wonderful men in my life that gave me what I needed to actually become the true “Belinda”… My husband for loving me enough to make it happen and YOU… Dr. Pohl to have the vision and then the artistry and expertise to see beyond that face and those UGLY teeth and find the real me! I cannot tell you how happy I am….!!!!Words just cannot say.. If I had to do it all over again…. if it were twice the price??? I would pay it!!! I am 47 years old and MY life began today!!! Thank you.. and thank all the girls…You are doing a wonderful thing for people…. Belinda

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